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Communa is an online community where opinions matter! Members are able to voice their thoughts and ideas, and get rewarded for doing so. Communa members also have the added benefit of giving feedback anytime and anywhere.

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Jay, 32. Fitness Instructor Calgary, Alberta "Earned over $15 dollars in gift cards just by signing up and taking surveys regularly for 2 weeks."
Whitney, 38. Stay at Home Mom New Orleans, LA "I use my Communa gift cards for extra cash off Amazon purchases!"
Tamara, 29. Blogger Toronto, ON "I’m a recent user of Communa. Started 2 months ago and have earned $35 worth of points. The surveys are hit or miss, but have great payouts. The featured offers also are great money makers and can get free trials and discounts on popular subscriptions. Will definitely continue using."
Brian B, 41. Contractor San Antonio, Texas "I take a little time each day (usually every morning) and try to complete at least two surveys. Love the discounted $5 gift cards I received. Wish there were even more offers!"
Donna, 38. Entrepreneur Phoenix, Arizona "Your not going to make a living here lol. If you are looking for that you’ll have to get full time work. This website is legit! You earn gift cards easily. Just be truthful on the surveys or you won’t be able to redeem."
Charlotte, 27. Student London,UK "A great opportunity to actually influence change on topics you care about. I've been using Communa for about a month and It's the first website I check every morning! If you have time on your hands, and you'd like to take part in national polls and have your voice heard, and earn rewards at the same time, I'm sure you won't be disappointed."
Terry, 45. Renovation Specialist Winnipeg,MB "This is not just some other scam, or unreachable money making goal. Communa earns you real money and yippy can cash out at only $5.00. I love it!"

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Joining Communa is simple and free. Fill out the registration form, confirm your membership via email, and start earning rewards by sharing your opinions through our surveys. Surveys are available anytime, anywhere, through any device.

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