A community or panel is an online environment where you can share your thoughts or opinions by voluntarily participating in market research opportunities. Most of the research opportunities are available in the form of a survey, a discussion/focus group, posting review, etc.

A discussion or focus group is a group conversation or session regarding a specific topic managed by a moderator. In some cases, you may have a conversation with only a moderator or several people similar to yourself.

There are several different types of sessions but you will always be informed about the specific requirements of the group. Some groups may allow or require that you to share either your video, audio or image as part of the qualifying criteria. You do not have to agree to participate if you are not comfortable with the specific requirements of the program.

For example; a group of people discuss a topic collectively, share thoughts and generate ideas and as a group. You may even be asked to review a concept including advertisement ideas or improvements to products or services before they are made publically available.

Community members participate when they can online at your convenience on your personal computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Each research opportunity provides an estimate of how long the survey is expected to take if you qualify to answer all of the questions.

Yes, most of the research opportunities are mobile optimized but some opportunities may be better experienced on a larger screen so please check the invitation for any specific opportunity details. We also encourage and help our clients to design mobile friendly surveys where possible but not all surveys or discussions are 100% mobile compatible.

If you encounter any technical issues please use the support email address contained within a survey. If you are experiencing any difficulties with the Communa panel please email us directly at [email protected] The Panel Manager for your area or community will respond to help resolve any issues.


Communa members will have the opportunity to earn points that may be redeemed for rewards provided by Tango Card.

Rewards will be provided by Tango (Inc.) a leader in reward fulfillment. Should you run into any issues regarding fulfillment please visit: [email protected]

Points may appear in your account may take up-to 3 business days to process after the close of the research. Not all research activities are created by Communa and we must wait for our partners to confirm the details related to the participation of the study.

Studies we create will be processed faster.

Once you have collected a minimum of 5,000 Communa points you will then be eligible to redeem your points for any one of our gift cards.

All Others

Cookies are small text files placed in visitors' computer to store information such as preferences. You can use your browser to block and delete cookies from your browser. However, if you delete or do not allow for our cookies to be placed on your system, the website, surveys or other engagements may not work properly.

Your feedback is analyzed along with other feedback collected absent of your personal information. Your personal information will only be shared when you provide your consent to share it with other businesses unrelated to Communa Inc, their parent company or affiliated businesses.

Yes, you can leave Communa whenever you wish by emailing [email protected]