Tips and Tricks! How to Qualify for More Online Surveys and Influence More Brands

A common problem users have on opinion polls and or market research websites, is not being able to complete many surveys. Seeing the dreaded "Sorry you aren't qualified for this survey" screen can be frustrating, and this guide will hopefully help you navigate through more surveys.

Here's some tips and tricks to help increase your completion rate:

1. There's no trick to qualify for EVERY survey offered

It can be discouraging getting disqualified from surveys half way through being questioned. If this happens a lot, this doesn't mean the website is a survey scam, as this can happen to anyone depending on information provided.

Disqualifications happen because brands surveying are looking for certain demographics and only need people who fit the criteria, which if you don't fit will be disqualified or "screened out".

The main reasons for being disqualified from completing a survey are:

1. Brands need an equally broad range of panelists. For example: If a company needs 50% women and 50% men, once enough women or men complete their survey, all other women or men will be disqualified until the survey is fulfilled.

2. Websites may ask qualfiier questions to test if they match your profile (ex. Do you own an electric car?). If your profile does not match, this suggests you're not concentrating or taking the survey seriously, so you will be screened out. All information provided needs to be accurate for clients, after all!

2. Make sure surveys are offered to residents of your country

Most paid survey websites are only looking for panelists from specific regions. Yet, a lot of people can still access these websites or be able to sign-up.

Although you may be able to access Communa and earn points via micro-activities such as completing profilers, entering our daily ballot draws, buying products from retail partners etc. you may or may not be able to complete surveys depending on your location. Before signing up, please check what countries are eligible for survey completion in case you are unable to.

3. Don't use a VPN

Don't bother trying to skirt around the last point by using a VPN or proxy service. Communa and nearly all paid survey websites, will be able to detect this. Which can result in your account being blocked, or disqualified from every survey attempt.

4. Disable your ad-blocker

Ad-blockers often make it harder for partners to track your answers and can interfere with febsite features such as animation or display. Some panels also may disqualify you for using one while attempting surveys.

Try taking surveys in incognito mode with your ad blocker disabled if you have concerns about cookies tracking.

5. Keep your profile fully up to date and complete

The more detail and information provided on your profile, and added profilers on Communa, the more surveys you'll usually be offered. Check the accuracy of your profile and update any information if needed. If your survey answers differ from your profile, this could be a reason you continue to get disqualified.

6. Don't rush while taking surveys

We repeat this a lot but it's in our users best interest! If you accidentally answer a question about yourself wrong, you could lose out on completing a survey and earning more points. If something major has changed in your life (having children, buying a new home, buying a new car) ensure you update and related profilers so all surveys applicable to your demographics can be attempted and hopefully completed!


Getting disqualified is probably the worst part of taking surveys, but remember that even the most desired jobs have tasks that are frustrating. Although you might not always qualify for surveys, by following these tips you can reduce your chances in getting screened out and focus more of your time online having fun and earning passive income!