How To Keep a Good Quality Score As a Respondent

What surveys you qualify for rely mainly on two factors, your demographics and your quality score. If your quality score is lower you will see a limited amount or no surveys that are available for you. Unfortunately, it’s quite hard to raise your quality score once it’s low so we’re sharing a few useful tips to ensure it stays higher so you have an optimal experience when using Communa!

  1. Watch Out For Red Herring Questions

    Market Researchers want to ensure you are not only paying attention but providing honest information when completing surveys. Your quality score will decrease when you fail attention check questions. To ensure respondents are paying attention and providing thoughtful responses, sometimes survey providers will ask straightforward questions with only one clear acceptable answer. These are known as “Red Herrings” always pay attention to all survey questions in case you fail to pass this test to ensure your quality score remains high.

  2. Be Detailed In Open-Ended Responses

    Responses for open-ended questions DO matter! If you submit gibberish or a non related response, this will not only disqualify you but potentially raise security alarms for your account. Saving time will cause you to lose points and even get blocked from taking future surveys, so please make sure your response actually answers the specific question.

  3. Computers Detect Conflicting Answers

    When filling out surveys you will notice there are variations to the same questions. If you answer these honestly, then you should rarely have conflicting answers! However, if you change your response to a later question that contradicts your original answer, this can disqualify you from completing the survey and lower your score. Most errors and reasons people get booted from surveys is due to lack of attention and rushing through too fast so try your best to be patient!

  4. Slow And Steady Wins The Race

    Always take time on surveys! It may seem inconvenient but it’s better to take your time than get frustrated with ongoing disqualifications. Researchers will usually set a minimum length of time they believe a person will need to go through the survey accurately. If you complete a survey faster than this set time, they may exclude your responses and flag you as a speeder.

  5. Specific Answer Instructions

    As we’ve already covered, researchers are always placing measures to ensure that you are paying attention. From time to time you may be asked to select one of the responses or on a multiple choice question. By paying attention and answering correctly, your quality score will only continue to increase. And for the survey provider, it allows them to open up more surveys for you to take.

Now that you have a basic understanding of quality score and how to maintain a good one, you can put these tips and tricks into practice and increase your earning potential. Always make sure to check back on Communa for new surveys and incentives to earn for sharing your opinions.