Not Getting Any Surveys? Here Are Some Easy Solutions to Help!

Maybe you’ve experienced the number of paid surveys you’re qualified for is lower than usual. Understanding why you aren't getting surveys can help you know what to do to alleviate this problem so that you can continue to earn online and never run out of studies to complete!

Where Did All the Surveys Go?

Survey-takers may experience a drop in the number of online surveys you get invited to complete. Maybe you’ve come across a situation where you’re ready to take some surveys, sign up but only have a handful of invitations, or worse, no surveys at all.

There’s a number of reasons why this may happen but also solutions we are happy to share with you to unlock your best potential on Communa as a panelist.

Problem: Surveys disappear before you have a chance to complete them

In many cases a paid survey site will place a cap on the amount of people who can answer a survey. Another common practice is to keep surveys active for only a limited time. This helps prevent the company from going over budget and having too many survey participants in the study.


Always ensure you are signed up for any notifications and newsletters or automated updates. This allows you to stay up to date on any new offers or incentives while you’re on-the-go whenever you have spare time. More importantly, if you enable notifications and updates, you’ll be alerted as soon as new surveys become available. This puts you in the driver’s seat, as far as being one of the first people notified to answer the survey. The early worm gets the bird in paid surveys!

Problem: Strict Spam Filters

This problem might not seem as obvious as you think and can happen overnight. A survey site like Communa you’ve been receiving survey invitations from (maybe for even over a year) appears to suddenly stop sending you updates and surveys.

This can happen from one day to another due to changes that your email provider makes. Services like Hotmail and Outlook in particular, can suddenly start “flagging” emails from survey sites, marking them as “Spam”, even when they clearly are not. When email providers update their system like this, certain times of emails suddenly may end up in your Spam or Junk folders without you even knowing.

Similarly, another scenario could be that you accidentally click the “Spam” button on an email, instead of deleting. THis is an easy mistake to make, and one that makes you wonder what happened to your surveys the next time you log into your email account. No matter the provider.


Add a survey site’s email to your “safe senders” list to completely and permanently eliminate the possibility of emails ending up in the dreaded Spam or Junk folders. It’s also a good idea to regularly check these folders, just to ensure you haven’t missed any surveys or new offers!

Problem: I Can’t Sign Up!

Because market research and paid surveys require lots of sensitive information from our users and partners alike, survey websites take data security very seriously and implement the industries best practices and policies. Communa takes all reasonable measures to protect your information, and to prevent any kind of unauthorized access or misuse of our platform. If you are unable to sign up with paid survey sites, this is more than likely due to your email not passing security measures.


When signing up to new sites, always ensure to read all Terms of Service and Rules and Regulations to ensure you are able to participate in our panel in whatever location you are in. Please note that certain email domains that historically have been connected back to consistent suspicious activity will not be able to register with most panels. If sign up issues still occur after ensuring you are able to become a panelist within all required guidelines, please reach out to our customer support at: [email protected]


If you are running into the problem of not getting surveys, some of these tips might seem obvious (especially if you are a paid survey veteran), and they are, if you can remember to follow them all! That’s what separates those who succeed and fail in taking online surveys. Patience (especially during COVID-19) and paying attention to detail and ensuring variety.

Now you are ready to take these tips and utilize them on Communa! Always stay tuned to our dashboard and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletters so you can stay in the know of all new offers and incentives.

Happy Earning

The Communa Team