Are We A Legit Paid Survey Site?

What Is Communa?

Communa is an online survey platform where opinions not only matter, they’re rewarded! Our users earn points by voicing their opinions through exclusive offers and surveys available on our dashboard. Once they've earned enough points to cash out (typically 5,000 pts), they can access a select list of premium rewards from renowned brands such as: Amazon, Apple, Visa, Best Buy, Target, Burger King, Cineplex, and many more!

To date we’ve rewarded over $350,000 to more than 50,000 users! Rewards can be redeemed in the form of gift cards that are immediately available online.

So, What’s The Catch?

There is no catch! Similar to competitor paid-survey sites, we provide users with offers, surveys and other activities to participate in, for online rewards. Users can then redeem select gift cards in exchange for a fixed amount of points. The information collected through the surveys is used to help brands develop products and services we use every day.

Think of it as the online equivalent to the nice lady who gives you a coupon for answering her survey, while you were walking through the mall. Only, instead of a random coupon, you get to choose a gift card to the establishment of your choice, and instead of being unexpectedly stopped in the mall, you get to take part in as many surveys as you want at your own convenience.

Important Information To Keep In Mind

Although we do pay our users in gift card rewards, Communa is not a full time job. Moreso, it is a supplementary stream of revenue to help save on future purchases! Optimized for mobile use, you can start earning a few extra dollars from the comfort of your home or anywhere you’d like!

Didn’t Get The Amount Of Points Displayed On An Offer?

There’s a few reasons for this. Always make sure to verify offer details before starting a survey. Sometimes, offers will include “UP TO,” which means depending on your responses and demographics, you may not be eligible to complete the offer - therefore would not earn the full reward amount. All this means is that your profile did not fit the requirements that the survey/offer was targeting. Fear not! Even though you may not earn the complete amount, we partially reimburse you for your time and participation.

Don’t Have Many Offers Displayed?

This is more than likely due to your geo location and profiler information. Depending on what’s being offered on Communa, you may not currently qualify for many or any surveys. Always check back on our dashboard as we continue to add new and exciting offers and ways to earn points with us!

Interested In Earning Some Gift Card Money?

Sign up is FREE & Easy! Follow these steps below:

  1. Fill out the registration form at
  2. Verify your Email and Phone Number and receive 1,500 points, just like that!
  3. Start earning rewards for participating in market research surveys.

Soon you’ll be able to redeem, rejoice, and repeat!