Top 5 Reasons Why You Can't Complete Online Surveys & How To Beat The System!

If you are an experienced online survey participant, you've probably experienced a situation where you weren't able to complete a survey. This can happen at the beginning, middle or even near the very end of a survey. No one likes seeing the dreaded "Sorry, this survey is now closed" or "Sorry, you do not meet the requirements" screen. ... Continue Reading

How To Keep a Good Quality Score As a Respondent

What surveys you qualify for rely mainly on two factors, your demographics and your quality score. If your quality score is lower you will see a limited amount or no surveys that are available for you. Unfortunately, it’s quite hard to raise your quality score once it’s low so we’re sharing a few useful tips to ensure it stays higher so you have an optimal experience when using Communa! ... Continue Reading

Not Getting Any Surveys? Here Are Some Easy Solutions to Help!

Maybe you’ve experienced the number of paid surveys you’re qualified for is lower than usual. Understanding why you aren't getting surveys can help you know what to do to alleviate this problem so that you can continue to earn online and never run out of studies to complete! ... Continue Reading

How Do I Get Started with Communa?

Welcome to Communa, a free online platform used to earn rewards by participating in consumer research surveys and offers! Once you’ve earned enough points, you can redeem gift card rewards from tons of amazing brands like: Visa, Apple, Amazon ... Continue Reading

Are We A Legit Paid Survey Site?

Communa is an online survey platform where opinions not only matter, they’re rewarded! Our users earn points by voicing their opinions through exclusive offers and surveys available on our dashboard. Once they've earned enough points to cash out ... Continue Reading